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HomelatestStudents fined Rs.10000 for cooking Biryani

Students fined Rs.10000 for cooking Biryani

Students fined Rs.10000 for cooking Biryani

The group of students of JNU – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi has been fined Rs. 6000 – Rs. 10000 after they cooked and ate Biryani near the Administrative block. Going into the details, it was learned that the students were organizing a protest against the VC.

According to the students ‘Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Jagadish Kumar had refused talk to JNUSU President Mohit Pandey who visited the VC’s office to discuss some issues. The VC also refused to give the appointment for next day.’

Post this, the office bearers of the JNUSU Union along with President Mohit Pandey camped outside the Administrative block and carried a protest by staying all night. During this gathering, the group had cooked and consumed Biryani.Students fined Rs.10000 for cooking Biryani

The University officials laid an inquiry into the incident. Later, the university has issued a statement ‘after an inquiry, it was found that the students cooked Biryani and consumed it near the stairs of the administrative building. This act needs to be dealt with strict disciplinary action.’

The students on the other hands stated that ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous on behalf of the University to slap the students with such fines and disciplinary actions.  They have penalized us for something that has been going on in front of the administrative block for years.’


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