Netizens Fume Over Abhinandan’s Morphed Dance Videos

Abhinandan’s Morphed Dance Videos
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At one side, the Nation is happy to see Abhinandan back in India, some of his own countrymen tried to make use of this entire scenario to make some fun. Details of this unholy act as follows:

Yesterday, someone morphed a dancing video of someone who looks like Abhinandan from a distance and trended it on Twitter. Along with this video, it was written that he is actually dancing along with the Pakistan Army moments before they release him to the Indian Government. As soon as this video floated up, there is a stunning mixed response from netizens. Some actually enjoy the chemistry between Indian Pilot and Pak Army while others expressed their disgrace by condemning Abhinandan’s celebrations with Pakistan. Immediately, this video has been uploaded on Youtube by multiple sources and later came to know that the video is completely fake and morphed.

Patriotic netizens are now fuming fire over the real culprits behind this horrendous act. They force the Cyber Crime to catch the uploaders to teach them a befitting lesson. It is indeed a shameful act.


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