Actress strangled teen daughter and hanged self to death

Actress strangles teen daughter and hanged self to death
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Thane/Maharashtra: A Hindi serial artist committed suicide after strangling her daughter to death.
Moving into details Pardnya Parker(40) a serial artist staying at Gauri Suman housing society.
Prashant Parker(43) husband of Pardnya runs an export-import business. Their daughter Shruthi is studying 12th grade.
“Initial investigation indicates the Parkar family was under tremendous stress due to financial issues. Her husband’s business was not providing any income and Pradnya had taken up acting in serials.
she was frustrated thinking of the future” said a police officer.
Prashant after returning from a workout rang the doorbell and tried many times.
Later, he called a locksmith and went inside. He found her deceased daughter and Pardnya hanged herself with a dupatta from the fan.
They found a suicide note at the spot. However, the motive of suicide is not clear.


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