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HomelatestIndia Lands Largest Transport Aircraft C-17 Near Indo – China Border

India Lands Largest Transport Aircraft C-17 Near Indo – China Border

Air Force Lands Its Largest Transport Aircraft In Arunachal Pradesh

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The Indian Air Force has landed the world’s largest transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster near the Indo – China border, in Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh. This move is clearly perceived as IAF’s move to strengthen its overall operations along the disputed border with China.

The IAF C-17 Globemaster airlifted 18 tons of load, after its trail landing. In a press release by IAF, it said, ‘the whole operation went flawlessly, thanks to the power of the aircraft, and excellent flying skills of the pilots. It is really challenging to land an aircraft like C-17 Globemaster, given the terrain of high hills in a narrow valley.

This exercise is a strategic leap in demonstrating the tactical air mobility and operating performance’.In a similar exercise, the IAF landed C-17 Globemaster in November 2016 at ALG (Advanced Landing Grounds) of Mechuka, a town located at just 29km from the Chinese border.

The Chinese are yet to react to this incident. Globe analysts predict that China will express its displeasure over the incident, will retaliate in a similar manner. The ‘Doklam Stand-off’ is a classic example of China’s provocative retaliation.

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