The Telugu film industry is the huge one and till now so many youngsters entered and proved themselves.They are unique and introducing their style and acting in a different style.From the generation to generation so many sons and daughters had entered into the film industry and got the applause from the public and made their fans happy.The big actors are supporting the youngsters to lead the career in the film industry.

Now VIJAY DEVARAKONDA is planning to launch his younger brother shortly.Vijay Devarakonda and his brother Anand Devarakonda are promoting.His name is ANAND DEVARAKONDA.He is going to pair with the leading actor’s daughter SHIVATHMIKA, youngest daughter of JEEVITHA RAJASEKHAR and also the sister of SHIVANI. And SHIVANI is acting in the remake of ‘2 STATES‘.

As per the news about the youngsters MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI says that he wants to support youngsters. He says “The entry of youngsters and new talent always infuses fresh blood and energy into the industry and makes it vibrant. We should welcome youngsters to pursue their dreams.” “In the film industry, success comes from the audience and depends on the individual’s talent. Success is not dependent on whether he is related to a top actor or comes from a big family,” says Chiranjeevi.Eleven actors came from his family and proved in acting and now they have different style and following in the public.Remaining big stars launched their sons and daughters.

So,Anand devarakonda and Shivathmika will do the film as lead pair.This movie will be directed by KVR MAHENDRA.Produced by MADHURA SRIDHAR in the banner of madhura entertainments and BIG BEN cinemas.The film is titled ‘Dorasani‘ and it is set in Telangana backdrop. KVR Mahendra will be making his feature film debut with this movie.

So,let us all welcome ANAND DEVARAKONDA to the silver screens to rock.


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