Balakrishna Slapped TDP Leader

Balakrishna slapped a TDP leader in Hindupur

Balakrishna slapped a TDP leader in Hindupur

Posted October 3, 2017 at 16:30

Balakrishna slapped a TDP leader in Hindupur: Hero and MLA Balakrishna is not changing his behavior. Even though social media and fans are bashing for his behavior. Balakrishna being a celebrity should control his emotions but behave like a commoner. Previously, it became a fuzz that Balakrishna slapped a fan who came to take the selfie and even a cinema shooting artist. Social media had bashed Balakrishna, even the fans also blamed his attitude towards commoners. A fan wrote a letter to Balayya as to change his attitude which became viral in the social media at that time. But Balakrishna didn’t change his attitude.

Recently, in Hindupur, Balayya behaved harshly by beating a TDP activist in his own constituency. In Hindupur, Boyapeta Balakrishna participated in a TDP program that home to home. In this program, the huge crowd of TDP activists and Balakrishna fans participated. So in this scenario, a TDP activist tried to go before Balakrishna. With this Balakrishna slapped him and expressed Balayya anger. So, fans and along with TDP activists blamed Balakrishna’s behavior.


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