A Serious Case on Comedian Brahmanandam

Brahmanandam Movie Career may Closed

Brahmanandam Who Once ruled the Industry now is fade out from the scene. The tragic part is nobody is missing him. Movie producers and audience have overlooked him.With Directors and Producers not interested to press his calling bells, the star comedian is presently sulking ringing up every director to give him opportunities. But, they are not promising him anything. Brahmi, who as a rule charges a chaotic Rs 4-5Lakhs for every call sheet, has been accounted for in diminishing his cash for flops that he as of late accounted. Few People say that he is a very tough person to deal with remunerations.

He, who led the comedian rules of Telugu film for more than two decades, has never confronted such dry stage. Since doing numerous movies at once, either film’s prosperity gotten him offers. Be that as it may, this time the greater part of his movies reliably ended up becoming tremendous catastrophes.In addition, the disturbing rivalry from his co-comedians is the thing that influenced him to lessen his remuneration.

As of late, Brahmanandam saw another tragic minute with Latest flick Achari America yatra to failed at the box office and people not at all pleased with his boring and regular comedy. Prior when Brahmanandam went to a public meeting and the award functions on the stage, People would go crazy and applaud him but himself made him a villain with his dreadful attitude with the public. With experiencing a terrible phase of his career, let us hope that he will bounce back in coming years.


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