Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestChalamalasetty Shifts His Loyalties: A Big Jolt To YSRCP

Chalamalasetty Shifts His Loyalties: A Big Jolt To YSRCP

The crucial leader from YSRCP camp has given a big blow to the Y.S Jagan by shifting his loyalties to the ruling party at the most crucial time.As the elections are not far away, the ruling and the opposition parties are trying their level best to make their respective cadres strong and are completely busy in preparing up their party men for the elections. At this crucial point of time, the YSRC party leader Chalamalasetty Sunil who has a good cadre and hold in Kakinada is ready to leave the party and join TDP.

Sunil who has contested on YSRC ticket

Sunil who has contested on YSRC ticket has lost in the last elections with a very little margin. Though he lost in the last elections, he was very successful in building up the right cadre and strengthen his base in his constituency. Sunil who was vexed with the attitude of his chief and working style of his party in his constituency seems to have taken this decision.Losing a person who is having a good hold in his constituency at the crucial time is surely a big blow for Y.S Jagan and his party. Chalamalasetty Sunil is expected to join TDP in the presence of CBN very soon.

chalamalasetty sunil joins tdp party

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