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HomelatestWhy is Chandrababu targeted instead of KCR and Modi?

Why is Chandrababu targeted instead of KCR and Modi?

Why is Chandrababu targeted instead of KCR and Modi?

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Everyone knows how the centre has reacted after the AP Economic board has shown its deep intent to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit – 2017. The centre rejected the AP Government’s plea to attend the summit. Leaving it aside, people were even shocked to notice the absence of Chandrababu Naidu at the inauguration of the Hyderabad Metro services. This incident clearly exemplified the true character and nature of KCR towards his fellow-CM of other Telugu state. On the contrary, Chandrababu in the past has shown his respect towards KCR by inviting him as a special guest for the Amaravati ‘foundation-stone’ ceremony.

The recent conduct of KCR not only shows his disrespect and conduct towards Chandrababu but also his attitude in working alongside with Andhra Pradesh in the near future.P-CM-Naidu-misses-GES2017-s

Meanwhile, media houses held AP CM Chandrababu’s behaviour in the past for not being invited to the Hyderabad Metro inauguration and the GES – 2017. Even an anchor from a well-known TV News Channel criticized Chandrababu for the misconducts of Modi and KCR.andhra-Pradesh-Chief-Ministe

It clearly shows that the media and press are being run by parties instead of moral values and ethics. It is really sickening and ghastly on the part of the respective TV Channels and Media houses to lash out at a Chief Minister like Chandrababu Naidu who is undoubtedly the man behind the IT revolution in Andhra Pradesh (before bifurcation). The main reason for targeting Chandrababu is most likely due to the rising popularity of the leader in the national politics in recent times.

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