Its Official: Congress to fight for SCS to AP

Congress To Fight For Special Category Status for AP

The All India Congress Party finally took a firm stand on the promised Special Category Status to the bifurcated State of Andhra. The party heads made it official in their recent meeting.

The newly formed Congress Working Committee’s first-ever meeting had been held at the Capital city of Delhi. Lead by the AICC President Rahul Gandhi, Supreme Sonia Gandhi, Ex-PM Manmohan Singh and other important leaders in the CWC attended the crucial meeting. On bouncing back for the upcoming elections, these senior leaders discussed various topics to win back the power. In the meeting, the first and foremost decision they took is giving the Special Category Status to the AP as promised by the former PM in the Parliament.

Even though the Odisha CM Niranjan Patnaik requested the party head to grand the same Status to his State along with Bihar, none other than Sonia Gandhi intervened his request. She asked all leaders not to compare AP with any state as residual AP has lost everything in the bifurcation. She reminded the fact that the Status was promised by Manmohan Singh and they still stick to their PM’s decision.

Later the former Finance Minister Chidambaram charged up the party with his statistics of winning 2019. According to him, there is a big anti-Modi wave going across the Nation and they are keen to utilize this to fetch 200 seats in total under their kitty. After forming alliances with the former UPA members, getting into Power would be an easy task for AICC as per Chidambaram. Whatever might be their plans, now AP people wish to see Congress in the Centre for the Special Category Status.


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