Telangana Gets A Better Rank Than AP In Best Governance

Telangana gets a better rank than AP in best governance

The two Telugu States often compete with each other in various issues like Ease of Doing Business, Governance, Growth Rate, Development etc. Results of the latest survey are out and let us check which state between these two is leading.

The Public Affairs Centre (PAC) conducts annual surveys on Best Governance for all the states of India. Its media cum thinks tank wing conducted the survey for this year and the results are declared a while ago. The Public Affairs Index (PAI) suggests that the Telangana stood at the third position in best governance and AP went to the ninth position. Kerala leads the charts for the third time in a row for its development and literacy since 2016. In the fresh results, the small state Himachal Pradesh took the first spot and stunned all by its quick growth in less populated states list.

In the overall list, Kerala is followed by the states of Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka in top five positions. AP confining to the ninth place is indeed a bad piece of news for the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. It is a known thing that AP topped the list of Ease of doing business last time and now it lost to Telangana in Best Governance and now the competition is even.

As usual, Bihar cemented its last spot like the last year for its social injustice and inequalities along with low literacy rate. These results are completely based on the digital and statistical data of states regarding development, literacy, economics, market dynamics, and a few other aspects.


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