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HomelatestFacial Recognition Software’ To Nab Criminals

Facial Recognition Software’ To Nab Criminals

Face Recognition Software Helps Nab Criminals

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Hyderabad city Police came up with a software that can nab criminals on the city roads. The software has a special feature to contain data of about 1 lakh criminals across the nation.

In Hyderabad city alone, they have installed nine high definition cameras which are connected to Facial Recognition Analytics unit at the Commissioner’s office at Basheerbagh. The cameras can capture an image and a beep sound will alarm the officials. But the suspect has to pass the camera. IT cell in-charge, K.Sreenkanth Reddy, said, after a brief analysis, they will inform the local police to check the person. The person whose facial features are close to that of a criminal’s in the database may also get pulled in.

The IT cell in-charge said the local police will only be informed if the resemblance is more than 70%. The software is sophisticated enough to identify the criminals even when they grow beard and mustache or shave off their head only with some percentage variation, Mr.Reddy said.

The cameras can stream live feed round the clock, cover long distances and be titled in any direction. These cameras have the capability to automatically detect number plates of vehicles. Mr.Reddy also told that they will be uploading the number plate of vehicles used by criminals for various offenses which can be helpful.

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