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Mega Hero and Rana movie to share screen?

Varun Tej and Rana movie to share screen

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It is a very rare sight to find Mega family heroes acting in other films. We have hardly seen any mega hero acting in another hero’s film in recent times. Megastar Chiranjeevi played cameo roles in a couple of films in the past. While it is very common to see a Mega hero in another Mega hero film.

But shockingly, a Mega hero has accepted to star in another hero’s film. Daggubati Rana is currently shooting for his upcoming film ‘Adavi Ramudu’. The latest buzz is that Mega hero Varun Tej will be seen in that film.

The shooting for the upcoming Rana movie is in full swing. The film has already generated high expectations among the Telugu audience. Adding to this, the inclusion of Varun Tej is likely to bring more craze and attention to the film.

Given Rana’s proximity to Mega family and all mega heroes, Varun Tej has immediately agreed to play a guest role. According to the film’s unit, ‘though Varun Tej is playing a guest role, his role will have key importance in the movie’.

‘Adavi Ramudu’ is slated to release for the 2018 Summer.

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