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Agnathavasi’ Inspires Everyone To Watch ‘Largo winch’

Agnathavasi’ Inspires Everyone To Watch ‘Largo winch’

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Pawan Kalyan- Trivikram hit combination is once again coming forward with their much-awaited film ‘Agnathavasi’. The countdown has begun and it is just one more week left for all the eagerly waiting fans. There is so much ecstasy among the power star fans as the release date is nearing. Apart from fans waiting, the movie is spoken about allegations on copying.

It is known that there were reports circulating in the media that Trivikram took the basic story and essence from the French Movie ‘The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch’ and it is a Freemake. Neither Trivikram nor the team of Agnathavasi came forward to respond to these copy allegations till date. But the same ‘Freemake’ allegations gained so much publicity that the director of ‘Largo Winch’ came to know about it and tweeted that he is all set to book a ticket for ‘Agnathavasi’.

Amidst of all this speculations and Hungama, the audience also started watching the French version of ‘Largo Winch’ on the YouTube with subtitles.The fans are watching the movie on with the madness that they are watching Power Star film and it is raising in a number of clicks for ‘Largo Winch’. We will not get clarity on the copy allegations until the film hits the big screen.

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