The film that made Superstar Rajinikanth Cry!

Aruvi Movie made Superstar Rajinikanth Cry

Aruvi Movie made Superstar Rajinikanth Cry!

Posted December 21, 2017, 4:30 pm at 16:30

Superstar Rajinikanth is known for his mesmerizing performance on the screen. Let it be an action sequence or an emotional scene, Rajinikanth has excelled in every frame. But a recent film succeeded in bringing tears from the superstar’s eyes.

Tamil actress Aditi Balan debuted with the latest film ‘Aruvi’. The film became controversial with the release of its first look. But that didn’t deter the director or the film’s crew from making the film. The film has opened to phenomenal response both from the crowd and the film critics. The film’s impact was so deep in society, that it even made Rajinikanth emotional.

Speaking on the film, Rajinikanth said, ‘I watched the film recently. I congratulate each and every one who is a part of this film. The film made me laugh and cry. It made me rethink about many aspects of life. I am sure that the audience will be speaking about the film for years to come by.’

The film ‘Aruvi’ has already been screened at few International Film Festivals. The film is about a woman who wants to lead her life on her own terms. The society, culture and other elements around her obstruct from doing what she likes to. The film revolves around what steps the woman has taken to lead life on her own terms. Director Arun Prabhu made ‘Aruvi’ as a social and political drama film.

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