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HomelatestCentral Government Job Offered To Compromise

Central Government Job Offered To Compromise

Ghazal Srinivas Offered Central Government Job To AalayaVani!

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AalayaVani Radio Jockey Kumari, the victim who was sexually harassed by Ghazal Srinivas, revealed to media people about the torture she went through for the last many months. She shared that she was working here for the past eight months.

The Radio Jockey reveals that for the last two months, the sexual harassment is unbearable. This man had no limits, he used to remain nude in a special room in the office premises itself. Apparently, it is understood that this man also has an extramarital affair with his maidservant. The maid too used to encourage and force me to compromise saying, that I will have a better life, told Kumari.

According to her, his atrocities did not stop at that. She tells, ‘He used to pressurize me to share a bed with him and I knew no one will believe my words, hence I approached the cops after collecting all the necessary evidence’, informed the complainant.

She told the media, that Ghazal Srinivas offered her Central Government Job for having sexual relations with him. ‘When I decided to quit the job, he threatened to ruin my life. I did not even report the same to his wife as I feared she would not believe me’.In the meantime, Nampally court has denied the bail petition moved by Ghazal Srinivas. He was shifted to Chanchalaguda Jail and kept on remand until January 12th.

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