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Goutham Nanda Movie Review And Rating

Goutham Nanda Movie Review By Telugu Bullet

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Goutham Nanda Movie Review:

Actors: Gopichand, Catherine, Hansika
Director: Sampath Nandi
Producer: Sri Balaji Cine Media
Screenplay: Sampath Nandi
Cinematography: Soundararajan
Music: S Thaman

Hero Gopichand and director Sampath Nandi career depend on the movie Goutham Nanda is going to release today.It’s a sign of change to anyone if a question raises Who am I?. When it comes to a Karodpathi son? where did he get the answer? What problems are those in his journey is Goutham Nanda. This is not easy to rotate the story based on this concept. There are many differences in the psychology of the poor between the rich and the poor. However, the question of who am I? will make the people pioneers. Director Sampath Nandi created the movie with these two strategies. let’s see whether the movie entertains the Telugu audience or not.

Goutham Nanda Story:

Goutham is a son of Karodpathi who makes a world tour for fun. Nanda comes from a middle-class family but the two are in the same vow. Both of them can not find satisfaction in their life. Firstly, Goutham wants to know who he really is apart from the luxuries from his childhood. Goutham and Nanda will come to an agreement to replace one another for 30 days. They experience different experiences on this journey. Meanwhile, the story turns unexpected.One of them tries to kill another who wants to replace permanently in their position. The second person got out of danger and have to prove himself. Let’s see what happens in Goutham Nanda movie.

Gautham Nanda Analysis:

Anyone who’s getting continues flops will make sure to look for safe projects. Even the safe projects won’t work then the risk should be taken. They will sharpen their talents with new inventions. Now the situation of hero Gopi Chand ‘Goutham Nanda’ movie is something like that. Sampath Nandi was half-succeeding by convincing Gopi Chand who is filled with the routine story movies. It looks like, after a long time, a good story turned around with a good concept. Seems like it is slippery in the story of the story. It feels like the story is good but the story stretch became weak. However, Sampath became successful by keeping twists and turns in the story. Vennela Kishore, Bittiri Satti comedy is OK in the movie. The sentiment dose is more but the scenes can form better. Finally ‘Goutham Nanda’ movie can give success to the Gopi Chand.

Plus Points:
New story
Gopichand double role
Lavish scenes in first half

Minus Points:
Second half is less

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Goutham Nanda inner journey
Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/5

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