Gurmeet Wants To Die


Gurmeet Wants To Die

Gurmeet Wants To Die: From many years he ruled DERA and now rock star Baba Gurmeet Raam Rahim Singh is in jail. And what he was doing there is a million dollar question to all. The answer to this question is given by a person who is recently released from the jail. He is out from the Rohtak jail. Gurmeet didn’t sleep his first day in jail. The reason for the punishment is still not clear to him. He is not willing to leave and he requesting the faculty to hang him.

As he was a Z plus category VVIP and now Gurmeet was as a normal person in jail. He says they aren’t providing VIP facilities to Gurmeet rather treating him same as other jailers. As he is in the rape case of two females, the court announces 20 years punishment to him. And he got tears on that day in court. In spite of requesting the judge, he refuses to help Gurmeet. As the court declared him as a victim…he taught of escaping with the help of his followers. As the Haryana police came to know his plans and they break all his plans and arrested him.

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