Helicopter door falls from the skies to the terrace in Hyderabad!


Helicopter door falls from the skies to the terrace in Hyderabad

A bizarre event has taken place in Yadav Basthi, Lalapet in the Secunderabad area. A loud sound was heard from the terrace. After hearing that sound, the house owner rushed to the terrace to find small door lying. The police were immediately informed. Police visited the terrace and collected the helicopter part. From markings on the part, the police confirmed that it’s a ‘first-box’ door of the helicopter.

Even though Begumpet Airport isn’t handling any commercial operations, it is still under the Defense Department. The Airport is still in use for various government purposes. Similarly, many flying institutes are also using Begumpet airport as a part of their student’s training and practical purposes.

These training institutes are catered with old and heavily used aircrafts and helicopters that need serious maintenance. When in use, these old-rusted flying machines often raised threat alarms with their parts falling off from the skies during the flight.

In the past, during an air show at the Begumpet Airport, an aircraft lost its control and crashed into the nearby housing localities damaging over a dozen houses. Post that accident, the Aviation Officials have stated that preventive measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future. But now, with the training aircrafts and helicopters posing dangers, the people living in the nearby are scared and terrified.

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