Hidden Facts Behind Abhinandan’s Release

Abhinandan’s Release
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The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who warned India of waging a war has now agreed to release the captured IAF pilot Abhinandan to the Indian Government. However, International Media broke down the hidden reasons for Pakistan’s surprising move.

After all the escalations from India and Pakistan, War seemed to be inevitable. At this point, one of the IAF’s Air Wing Commander Abhinandan, unfortunately, landed himself in a big soup. As his aircraft was shot down, he parachuted himself and caught to the Pakistan Army. As soon as Ithe Indian Government came to know this news, they started holding talks with the Pak Government for the return of Abhinandan. Imran who is reluctant on giving back has now agreed for this without any conditions. If we dwell deep, Pakistan once again became a big fool by giving residence to JeH terrorist base and almost confirmed that it is indeed a supporter of terrorism. To drag itself out of this humiliation, Imran Khan took this step. Also the constant pressure on Pak by UNO, USA and Saudi also forced the Pak PM to release the pilot. Last but not least, thina who rages against India and stands support to Pakistan also warned the latter to have peace.

All these made Imran prove his country as an anti-terrorist nation. With this, the war might not happen as the two enemy nations are looking forward to having a word on the happened things since Pulwama.


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