Modi To Face The Heat Of AP People In Vizag Meet

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The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to give a Political speech in Visakhapatnam Railway Ground in a couple of days. However, the people of Andhra are making it sure that this BJP bigwig faces doll drums for his continuous backstab on AP State.

BJP dreamt big on this meeting so that it can win a couple of MLA and MP seats in and around Vizag. Especially now that the new South Coastal Railway Zone has been sanctioned, BJP is more than happy to cash in this new offer to AP into votes. However, things went dramatic post the big announcement of Railway Zone. Despite helping AP, Centre once again took away Waltair Division and attached it to the Odisha State. Not just this, now the complete Revenue of Waltair and its 7500 crores worth cargo is now not in the hands of this new Railway Zone. The ruling party TDP is the first one to get the facts to the Public and its Chief CBN within no time came up with all the demerits of this Railway Zone. knowing about all these twists, common people lead by TDP followers are planning to protest against Modi in his meeting.

The city of Vizag is filled with anti-Modi posters. BJP leaders who dreamt a lot on this meeting is now in second thoughts. Some of them are speculated to be angry with the Saffron party’s head office and its Chief for ditching not only the AP people but the AP-BJP camp as well.


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