Indians touring the US falls by 13 percent

Indians touring the US falls by 13 percent

Indians touring the US falls by 13 percent

Posted December 18, 2017, 7:46 pm at 19:46

The number of Indians visiting the United States in the first half of 2017, had fallen by 12.9 percent as per the date of US National Travel and Tourism Office. But a drop of 18.9 percent was observed in the second quarter i.e., April, May, and June.

Experts say, there were substantial policy changes made by Indian Government in the past one year can be a crucial reason. Reforms like Demonetization and GST will affect the ability and intent the people to travel. We will see it as a short-term Phenomenon says the experts. They also believe that more frequent and direct flights can improve the situation, shares Brand USA’s CEO, Chris Thompson.

According to him, most Indians have been treating Donald Trump as a friend, while the issue could be a demand for more visas than what the US can process.

Reports say, In 2016, 1.17 million travelers from India visited the US and this helped US economy gain USD 13.6 million which was 14 percent more than that of the last year. The US expects an added 814,000 visitors from India by 2021, as compared to that of 2106 statistics.

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