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ISRO Completes Century With Cartosat-2F Satellite

ISRO Completes Century With Cartosat-2F Satellite

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Indian Space Research Organization has achieved an astonishing feat after it successfully launching the 42nd flight of PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). This mission is marked as PSLV-C40, which soared into the skies carrying 31 satellites into outer space, of which 28 belonged to other nations, and 3 belonging to India. The launch took place at 0929 hours from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) or Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR) rocket launch center. 

ISRO 100th Satellite Launch

The 710 kg Cartosat-2F was the major payload on this flight. There were tense moments as the countdown neared for zero for the launch after the previous PSLV mission ended as a failure. Along with Cartosat-2F, a micro and a nanosatellite were put in space by ISRO. The Cartosat-2F marks the 100th satellite put by ISRO into outer space.

Cartosat-2F is the third in the Cartosat-2 series satellites. These satellites are primarily used as Earth Observation Satellite orbiting in the SSO (Sun Synchronous Orbit). The satellites house panchromatic and multispectral cameras, capable of producing images up to 1-meter resolution from an average altitude of 632km from outer space. These high-resolution images are used for Road Network monitoring, Urban and Rural planning, Utilization of Coast resources and for security purposes.The PSLV is the workhorse of the ISRO, standing over 145 feet tall, and weighing 2,20,000kgs. ISRO placed 104 satellites in a single launch last year.

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