PK made very late in regression over TDP: Jagan

Jagan says Pawan Kalyan made very late in regression over TDP

The YSRCP Chief Jagan interacted with a leading media and shared many things about his political journey. On this note, he responded on Janasena and its Supreme Pawan Kalyan and his comments are quite interesting.

Talking about various factors regarding the ongoing Politics of the State, Jagan stated his confidence on winning the next elections. Opening up about his alliance with Janasena, Jagan felt that no alliance is needed for the YSRCP as it can win all by its own. At the same time, Jagan opined that he is not willing to belittle Janasena and the impact it would create in 2019 polls.

On the same note, this only son of passed away CM YSR agreed that Pawan Kalyan and BJP helped the TDP to win the 2014 elections but now the Janasenani is regretting his own deed. Jagan felt that it already became late and there is no point of regretting now as the elections are approaching. Jagan also condemned the secret alliances with the BJP by saying that he is going to support any party which gives Special Status to the Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan thrashed CBN by declaring that he is the most corrupt politician ever and he is intentionally alleging YSRCP without any proofs. However, Jagan predicted that TDP would be limited to less than 40 seats as People are aware of TDP’s corruptions. Also, he felt that neither Pawan Kalyan nor BJP would support TDP ever and it would be a huge loss to the party.

This leader stated that the agenda of YSRCP will be released on the last day of his Sankalpa Yatra and it will be very simple with just four pages manifesto. Jagan seemed to be confident this time but he cleverly managed to get away from the crucial topic of possible alliances with Jana Sena and BJP post-2019 results.


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