After Pawan’s 3 Marriages, Jagan Talks About CBN’s 5-Marriages

jagan talks about pawan kalyan marriage

The YSRCP Chief has been busy touring the region of Uttarandhra as a part of his Praja Sankalpa Padha Yatra. In his recent Public meet, he made interesting comments on his rival Chandrababu Naidu in a satirical way.This Kadapa leader fumed fire on the TDP Chief in his ongoing meeting in Narsipatnam constituency the other day. Jagan who bagged unwanted criticism for commenting on Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s personal life and his three marriages again brought the topic of marriage while slamming CBN. however, he took care of not going to the personal side and these marriages are regarding the Political.Jagan, CBN has married the parties CPI,He declared that Babu has done five Political marriages in his Political career thereby metaphoring Political alliances as marriages. According to Jagan, CBN has married the parties CPI, and CPM for his growth as a CM of United AP. He added that the present CM of AP had then married TRS in order to suppress their separate Telangana demand back then. Not stopping there Jagan claimed that his rival married BJP prior to the elections of 2014 for the sake of CM Chair.
Last but not the least, this YSRCP head declared that the TDP National head married the Political party Congress as his fifth Political partner for getting into Power.Jagan found fault with the CBN by joining hands with their full-time rival Congress. He pointed out at the TDP MPs supporting the AICC’s candidate in the happened Rajya Sabha’s Vice Chairman elections. Not just that, Jagan mentioned CBN’s daughter Nara Brahmani meeting the AICC Supreme Rahul Gandhi in the last week and declared the meeting is for an alleged alliance between the two parties.


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