Jana Sena To Contest 19 MLA Seats In East Godavari:Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena To Contest 19 MLA Seats In East Godavari

Maximum section of people will agree that we’re in an unprecedented era of Andhra Pradesh Politics., from our few Unorthodox Political Leaders and their activities which causing damage to common people. To Checkmate, to all those political leaders Pawan Kalyan aiming his arrows to them. Jana Sena Party Cheif Pawan Kalyan on Saturday asked the political leaders from Godavari regions to guarantee that the nation’s consideration was drawn with the motorcade on the Dowleswaram Barrage close Rajahmundry on October 15.

Pawan Kalyan said the party

Pawan Kalyan said the party was solid enough to battle the election war and win a most extreme number of seats. Janasena party office in the city would be inaugurated soon in one week, he stated. Recently, In an Interview, Pawan Kalyan stated: “The parade should make the nation discuss Jana Sena. East Godavari is a strength for the party, will center around the locale after the parade and will crusade for 20 to 22 days covering all the 19 electorates(Constituencies).

disappointment of Local leaders

He also stated that “It will be the disappointment of Local leaders on the off chance that they can’t make utilization of the People’s Support. Just Pithani Balakrishna was given a ticket in the locale, don’t put stock in any person who guarantees a seat from the Party. Tickets allocation will be done straightforwardly.” Pawan Kalyan planning to field his party candidates in all 19 Constituencies in the city for the upcoming elections. He called upon the party leaders to keep up tolerance until the point when official announcements were made.”No power has been conceded to anybody in the party gathering including me. None of the current advisory groups is permanent, anybody can give input on the present boards of trustees,” he said.


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