Rajendra Prasad Gave Clarification About His Daughter


Recently, actor Rajendra Prasad did a movie ‘Bewars’. Albeit, in the promotional event of the movie, he talked about this film’s Thalli Thalli song and got emotional. Also, he said about his daughter by emotion. Although, in a recent interview, a press person has asked Rajendra Prasad, “Sir… ‘Your daughter has married without your wish and left you. So, you have talked in that emotion.’ This is the people words about your speech, so what would you tell about this?”



To the press person, Rajendra Prasad answered: “If that happened, Gayathri should go somewhere, but her family still alive nearby me. Recently, I attended the Srinivasa Kalyanam movie event along with my daughter and son-in-law. My past film days all were covered with outdoor shootings. And, I didn’t concern about them and their studies. My wife concerns all the family matters and she used to come to the shooting spots and tell about the family situations in those days. As well as, there were no mobiles in those days, and I didn’t spend much time with my children and this is fact. But, my children have studied well and had discipline. My daughter Gayathri did Nutrition & Dietitian course and have married her liked one. Moreover, she is good with husband, and her daughter Sai Tejaswini portrayed the childhood Savitri in Mahanati movie. We haven’t spent much time together, so we have much bonding. Moreover, I’m Over Sensitive.”


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