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HomelatestKCR-Governor’s Meet Became Crucial In Two Telugu States

KCR-Governor’s Meet Became Crucial In Two Telugu States

KCR Meets Governor Discussed About Two Telugu States

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Thanks to the Centre’s ditch to Andhra Pradesh, the two Telugu states are emerging as the key players in National Politics. In this whole era of anti-BJP movement, Telangana CM KCR’s meeting with Governor Narasimhan became the talk of Telugu politics.

Right from the last Friday, the Telugu MPs have been trying to implement No Confidence Motion in the Parliament but the TRS MPs are indirectly blocking it by surrounding Speaker’s well. All the Political analysts felt that CBN should have a word or two with KCR regarding this issue. KCR despite having a meeting with CBN chose the Joint Governor of two states, Narasimhan to hold a special meeting. In this discussion, KCR was speculated to be discussed his ideologies of forming the Third Front in India, his co-operation to AP regarding Special Category Status and his future course of action. In turn, the Governor also suggested KCR team up with CBN in order to have a joint fight on the Centre to achieve benefits for the two states.

So all are curious to know the final decisions made by KCR as his support would be a huge bonus to AP in this dire situation. KCR is concentrating more on forming parallel front to Congress and BJP by holding talks with Mamatha Banerjee. Governor might act as a bridge between the two states in order to resolve the issues and for mutual benefits of two Telugu states.

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