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List Of MLAs Rumoured To Join Janasena

As the general elections are not so far, all the candidates across different regions and parties are preparing their ground in calculating the pros and cons of their present situations.List Of MLAs Rumoured To Join JanasenaJanasena who has opened the doors for experienced MLA’s and M.P’s of different parties, is getting a great response from every corner. Many MLA’s and M.P’s from TDP, YSRC and Congress are eyeing on Janasena. As per the rumours to be believed true, there are 20 MLA’s who are showing a keen interest in joining Janasena.

The list of the people are as follows:

1. Thota Trimurthulu(TDP)

2. Jyothula Nehru(TDP)

3. Varupula Subbarao(YSRC)

4. Akula Satyanarayana(BJP)

5. Ganta Srinivasa Rao(TDP)

6. Kannababu(YSRC)

7. Bandaru Satynand (TDP)

8. Vanga Geetha(Congress)

9. P. Ramesh(TDP)

10. Palla Srinivas(TDP)

11. P.Anji Babu(TDP)

12. Vangalapudi Anitha(TDP)

13. K. Venkata Rao(TDP)

14. Bhuma Akhila Priya(TDP)

The jumpings might be even more in the coming days. Have to see how far Janasena strategically proceeds for the upcoming elections.

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