Wednesday, October 5, 2022
HomelatestModi-CBN Rivalry Proving Costly For The AP State

Modi-CBN Rivalry Proving Costly For The AP State

The prestige war between the Indian Prime Minister Modi and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is growing bigger each passing day. No one knows if they both are enjoying or not but the bifurcated State of AP is all set to fall into a huge pit of debts if Centre continues its war against the TDP Chief.The moment Babu stepped out of NDA, all went haywire between these once two good friends. If Modi does a thing at the Centre, Naidu became desperate to counter Modi with another innovate move in the AP State. As their war hit the next level, Modi stopped the funds to the prestigious project of Polavaram but Babu is working hard to complete it without the help of the Centre.

Due to this pride wars, a total amount of 32,000 crores of funds were halted by the Centre intentionally causing stress to the AP ruling party. The Financial Department of the State claims that 12,000 crores for Polavaram are not yet sanctioned and 20,000 crores of rupees which are sanctioned for the development of underdeveloped regions of AP, new capital’s construction has not paid yet.Until and unless the Centre leaves its war against AP, the bifurcated State which is already in revenue deficit will not recover from its mammoth debts in the near future. It is high time for the State heads to have a word or two with the Central Government for the sanction of all the rightful funds to the Andhra Pradesh.

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