Wednesday, August 10, 2022
HomelatestModi’s Sensational Comments On KCR

Modi’s Sensational Comments On KCR

The Indian Prime Minister is on the BJP star campaigner mode in his huge Public Meeting in Nizamabad. As a part of promoting BJP in Telangana, Modi for the first time attacked the TRS Chief like never before.In his recent speech, Modi who is speculated to be in good relations with the Telangana Caretaking CM KCR has slammed the latter to the core. Modi who praised KCR when the TRS MPs supported the Central Government during the No-Confidence Motion declared KCR is unfit to be a CM for the newest State of India.

This three times CM of Gujarat stated that KCR who failed to rule for 5 complete years is not the right person to resume Power in Telangana. Pointing out at KCR’s spiritual rituals and yagas, The Indian PM claimed that KCR is highly relying on God to win the elections as he himself is well aware of his defeat.Modi pointed out at the KCR’s inability to complete all the election promises to the Telangana people recollected the fact that this Pink Fort emperor failed to give drinking Water for all the houses of Telangana. This is said to be the first yet deep attack of BJP bigwig on the ruling party amidst the snap polls.

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