400-year-old Curse on Mysore Wodeyar Family ends! 

Mysore Wodeyar Family Ends
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400-year-old Curse on Mysore Wodeyar Family ends! 

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The 400-year-old curse on the Mysore Wodeyar Family has finally ended after the Wodeyar Family announced that the birth of a baby boy. It will be the first time in the last 400 years, the Wodeyar Family will be having its own natural heir.

The baby is born to Yaduveer and Trishika who got married in June 2016 last year. Yaduveer is adopted the son of Pramoda Devi (previous queen). Pramoda Devi and her late husband Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar adopted Yaduveer after the couple did not have any children.Mysore Wodeyar Family Ends

Royal Wodeyar family took the reins from the king of Srirangapatna in 1962.Alemalemma, the wife of the king of Srirangapatna, tried to run away with royal ornaments to Talakkad, a small town along the river Cauvery she was surrounded by soldiers of Raja Wodeyar. Following that, Alemalemma jumped into the river cursing ‘may the river turn into a whirlpool. May the Wodeyars never bear any children.’Mysore Wodeyar Family Ends

Wodeyars tried to please and even installed an idol of Alemalemma in Mysore to reverse the curse. The Wodeyars have repented on many occasions in front of the Alemalemma idol. Srikantadatta offered special prayers to Alemalemma in Talakkad a few years ago.

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