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Man burnt after getting beheaded with Axe | ‘Hang him publicly’ demands family of the victim

Man burnt alive in Rajasthan

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Reportedly a man was beheaded with an axe and then burnt alive in Rajasthan on Wednesday. The accused was arrested by the police today evening after a video of the incident was posted online. The family of the victim demanded the public hanging of the accused.

The victim was identified as 50-year-old Afrazul. He along with his family migrated to Rajasthan 12 years ago. The wife of the victim said, ‘my husband was lured to the spot of the murder. The person who killed and burnt my husband posted the video of the killing on YouTube. He called my husband stating that he would offer a job.’

‘I spoke to my son in the morning before he was killed. I saw the video of the murder. I don’t know the reason behind this,’ said Afrazul’s father.

The police stated that the accused committed this murder in the context of the ‘Love Jihad’ slogan. Meanwhile Lok Sabha MP, Md Salim stated that ‘this proves how BJP has spread poison across the country.’

Hundreds of villagers reached the house of the victim from remote villages on Thursday after the news broke out.

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