Adah Sharma refuses a fan’s kiss request | Shockingly, Twitter trolls her

Adah Sharma refuses a fan’s kiss request
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Adah Sharma refuses a fan’s kiss request 

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Twitter users started trolling heroine Adah Sharma after the actress allegedly refused the request of a fan who asked to kiss her. A video of the same went viral.

A fan spotted Adah Sharma in the Mumbai Airport. He immediately rushed to her and said, ‘You are like my daughter. Give me a kiss…’ The actress laughed in surprise and started walking away. The man followed her further and shouted, ‘you kiss everyone in the films. Then why not me? Meanwhile, the rest of the passengers shot the video on their phones posted it online. Soon the video went viral.

Reacting on this, Adah Sharma tweeted. ‘In the past three years, I have never reacted in a harsh manner. But I’m forced to react harshly following the accusations on me. I am making this tweet on behalf of every girl. Who the hell are you people to state ‘it’s just a kiss, and what would happen if I give a kiss’? It’s my life and my wish.

It’s my wish to decide whom to kiss or not! If a stranger approaches me for a kiss, he should be prepared to take a slap on his cheek from my sandal.’

Many people came forward in support of Adah Sharma in this incident. She acted in Telugu film ‘Heart Attack’ opposite Nithin.

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