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HomelatestMysuru Royal Family welcomes 28th Wadiyar!

Mysuru Royal Family welcomes 28th Wadiyar!

Mysuru Royal Family welcomes 28th Wadiyar!

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The scion of the Mysuru royal family Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chama Raja Wadiyar was celebrating last night as his wife, Trishika Devi delivered a healthy baby boy late on Wednesday night at Cloud nine Hospital here in the city, becoming the 28th in the Wadiyar lineage.

The baby boy was healthy and weighed around 3kg at the time of birth and hospital sources confirm that both the mother and baby are doing fine. Mysuru Palace and the people of old Mysuru region that have strong links to the former royal family welcomed the new heir to the Wadiyar tree with quiet celebrations in the palace.

But the royal family has made requests to the hospital not to divulge details about the baby since they would be making an official statement on Thursday.

Mysuru Royal Family welcomes 28th Wadiyar!

The 26th scion Srikantadatta Narsimharaja Wadiyar, who died in 2012 had no issue, Yaduveer Gopal Raj Urs, grandson of Mr. Wadiyar’s eldest sister Maharajakumari Gayathri Devi avaru and son of Tripura Sundari Devi and Swarup Anand Gopal Raj Urs, was officially adopted by Maharani Pramoda Devi Wadiyar in 2015. Subsequent to the adoption, he was renamed as Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chama Raja Wadiyar. On 28th May 2015, Yaduveer was officially anointed as 27th Maharaja of the 600-year-old Wadiyar dynasty.

Last year Yaduveer got married to Trishikamuri daughter of Harshavardhan Singh and Rajkumari Maheshree Kumari of Rajkot royal family, on June 27.

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