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Times Person(s) of the year! – #MeToo Women!

Times Person of the year  

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‘Times Person of the Year’ is an annual issue form the TIMES Magazine. It features the most influential person of the year as its issue cover. The person influence can either be ‘for good or for worse’.

The TIMES Magazine named MeToo hashtag women as this year’s ‘Times Person(s) of the Year’. The group features Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd, former Uber Engineer Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu and Isabel Pascual. The magazine has stated them as ‘The Silence Breakers’.

All these women have come out openly about sexual abuse they have faced at their workplace or during their profession. Most notably, Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual abuses on many Hollywood actors and professionals Outside-Hollywood. Many women have already filed class-action lawsuits against the producer for the sexual harassment they have faced from him.

Meanwhile, Isabel Pascual is a pseudo-name for a woman hailing from Mexico who was stalked, sexually harassed and threatened if she speaks about the incidents. Similarly, Susan Fowler’s explosive blog post made headlines after she forced Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick into resigning and 20 others ousted. Similar are the stories of Taylor Swift (pop singer) and Adama Iwu in their respective professional careers.

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