Nani’s… Hit In Telugu… In Tamil…!

Nani's... Hit In Telugu... In Tamil...!

The Natural Star… Nani’s mark in Telugu film industry. He has created his identity in South Indian cinema also. Now, his career’s one of the biggest hits ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ has released in Tamil on yesterday. This was remade in Tamil with Arya and Sayyeshaa Saigal in the direction of Jayakumar. We know that Bhale Bhale Magadivoy movie is a complete family entertainer and hilarious one. So, they made it in Tamil also. But, the film was released on yesterday and is getting a mixed review. The majority have negative feelings about this movie and some are declared it as time pass entertainer to watch with family and friends.

Arya and Sayyeshaa Saigal

Though same scenes and same screenplay are used for Tamil version also, the result is different. It proves all Telugu movies are not suitable for Tamil version and some may hit as well as some may flop. In the cinema industry, hit films’ remakes and dubbings are normal. But, the cinemas may not give the same results in both languages. The movies like Gaddam Gang, Aaha Kalyanam, Masala are hit in original versions but flop in remake versions. But one thing is that the majority films are hits which remade from other hits.

G.V.Prakash and Shalini Pandey

Now, Arjun Reddy, RX 100, and 100% Love also ready to remake in other languages. And, Arjun Reddy in Tamil version with hero Vikram’s son Dhruv in the direction of veteran director Bala. 100% love is with G.V.Prakash and Shalini Pandey who has played Preethi role in Arjun Reddy. Let us see what may happen to these movies.


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