Thursday, December 2, 2021
HomelatestNara Lokesh Inaugurates New IT Companies In Amaravati

Nara Lokesh Inaugurates New IT Companies In Amaravati

The TDP’s National Secretary Nara Lokesh is a happy man for bringing more than half a dozen IT companies to the Capital Amaravathi. The other day, this IT Minister of AP inaugurated 10 ITES companies marking it as a milestone in his career.After cutting the ribbon for those new companies, this only son of AP CM claimed that he is more than happy for developing the Amaravati. He declared that his father CBN made the traditional city Hyderabad as an IT City under his ruling.

Lokesh inaugurates 16 IT firms

In the same manner, he pledged to develop capital of AP as the best center for IT where more employment will be created for the locals os AP. Lokesh continued that he has formed a team which will take suggestions from the masterminds across the State and jots down the points regarding the lagging areas to develop. Also, Lokesh stated that along with IT, he is asking his team to develop the Electronics Industry to make the city as one of the finest cities of India. More than 1000 jobs are created until now in Amravati and Mangalagiri as much as 60 IT companies are already started their services according to this Prince of TDP.

IT Companies In Amaravati

Lokesh expressed his future desires of introducing new technologies to the AP and promised to bring the basic needs like the internet for a very low cost. Senior most political observers opine that this development is not enough to push the State towards development. They suggest Special Category Status develop Andhra as more industries will fly to the Capital and invest more.

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