Nomadic Theatre – A Revolutionary Step In Theatre Experience!  

Nomadic Revolution Step In Theatre Experience
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Nomadic Revolution Step In Theatre Experience

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The advent of cell phones has changed the entire communication industry. They quickly replaced the aging landline phones to an extent where we only find less than 0.01% landline phones when compared to 15 years back. Similarly, a new technology in the form of ‘Nomadic Theatre’ is likely to change the view we would watch cinemas.

It is an open fact that an increase of multiplex theatres is taking away the movie-watching experience from the common man in metro cities like Hyderabad. Soon we would be able to overcome in the near future. Because the theatres themselves will near our homes.

Yes! Noted Bollywood producer Satish Koushik, along with industrialist Sunil Chowdary came together to come up with a Nomadic (mobile) Theatre under the brand name ‘Picture Time’. The first Nomadic Theatre has been inaugurated by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi today.

‘These theatres can withstand rain and fire accidents. 150 – 200 people can watch the movie using the Picture Time. The ticket prices can range between Rs 30 – Rs 60 depending on the movie. We currently have 10 theatres of this kind, and are planning to increase the number to 150 by the year-end’, said a representative of Picture Time.

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