NRI’s Telugu Slogans Against Modi & BJP

NRI's Telugu Slogans Against Modi & BJP
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BJP national speaker Ram Madhav faced a huge humiliation at the 22nd TANA convention held in Washington DC. Ram Madhav was one of the guests of the event and his turn came to address the meeting. The BJP leader who took the mic went on to pay tribute to PM Narendra Modi in his speech.

This annoyed the crowd and they boo-ed him. They also asked him to get down of the stage and leave the venue. Even though noticing this, Ram Madhav continued his speech and as it was getting better, he bring to an end immediately. TANA President Satish Vemana was quick enough to react and asked the audience to show some politeness to the person and soon after congratulate.. him.

This event did not end there. When Ram Madhav got down of the stage and was leaving the venue, the crowd raised slogans against him, Modi and BJP.

For quite some time the environment turned anxious and later than Ram Madhav walking off, things developed.


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