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Pawan Kalyan Movie Completes 40 Percent of the Shooting

Power Star Pawan Kalyan preferred a story that Director Krish described him even before he paused the film profession. But, when he decided to make his return, Power Star made certain to select the movie and got it developed. Producer AM Ratnam who made Kushi with Pawan Kalyan also waited for the hero for a long time. The three are now proceeding forward with a movie provisionally named as Viroopaksha.

According to the stories in the film Nagar, the movie rotates throughout Mughal empire days where a burglar attempts to nab Kohinoor diamond. The film unit began the shoot for the movie long back and they are now shooting intense action sequences in a ship set, at Aluminium factory.

The majority of the film’s portions are taking place at the Aluminium factory and the makers have completed almost 40 percent of the film’s shoot already. To avoid the attention of everyone, the makers felt that the factory is the best place to carry out the shoot without any disturbance.

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