Pawan Kalyan’s Gutsy Criticism On Modi In National Media Interviews

Pawan Kalyan’s Gutsy Criticism On Modi In National Media Interviews
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The number game of Lok Sabha politics fewer reached its peaks having very few days falling short of the AP and Telangana Parliament elections. Amidst this Hungama, the National media are taking the interviews of Party heads in AP and Telangana. It is now Pawan Kalyan’s turn to give away interviews and his interactions are gathering rave reviews for many special reasons. One among them is his daring and dashing take on Modi’s monopolistic ruling.

In an interview with a National media, Pawan Kalyan while disclosing his ideology of entering the active Politics stated that leaders like Kanchi Ram, PV Narasimha Rao, Jyothi Basu, etc inspired him along with the Freedom fighters of this country. On this note, he targeted Modi by openly admitting that he did a big mistake by backing up Narendra Modi as the PM back in 2014. Pawan felt that Modi who claimed to be developing India ended up as the corrupt and monopolistic politician at the end of the term and this thing bothered the Janasenani to the core. So he decided to see BSP Chief Mayawati as the Dalit Prime Minister of India dethroning Modi from the PM Chair.

Political experts state that Pawan’s genuine answers and matured thinking are impressing many viewers of these interviews. Especially the way he took a rampage on Modi is quite gutsy which the so-called senior most Politicians fear to say something against the Indian Prime Minister on National Media.


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