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People in North Korea celebrates after the successful missile test!

People In North Korea Celebrates After The Successful Missile Test

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The State media of North Korea stated that the citizens of the country celebrated after their leader Kim Jong-Un confirmed the successful testing of the Hwasong-15 Intercontinental Balladic Missile. The public celebrated the news with firecrackers and jubilant celebrations in the streets across the nation.

The ruling party official newspaper Rodong Sinmun published images of tens of thousands of soldiers and public applauding in Pyongyang’s Kim-II square in the capital city of Pyongyang. The square was decorated with large portraits of former leaders and the current leader Kim Jong-Un.

The celebrations took off after Kim Jong-Un reinstated that, ‘North Korea is now a fully nuclear-equipped state. We can demolish any US city from anywhere in North Korea. We have attained full nuclear statehood.’

But the supreme leader was unseen at the celebrations. Kim usually keeps himself away from such events. Meanwhile, the celebrations drew the key military and army officials at the event.

In response, the US stated that it would ‘utterly destroy’ North Korea if its missile testing program provokes a military clash. Many military analysts remained sceptical about the capability of the North Korea’s ICBM and its Nuclear Missile Program.

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