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Why is the US scared about NK Nuclear Program?

US scared about NK Nuclear Program

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After a brief silence of 2 months, North Korea tested its latest missile in the Hwasong series. Dubbed as Hwasong-15, the latest missile is the most advanced in its series. A spokesman for South Korea Military’s joint staff said, ‘we believe it is a new type of missile. The North Korea is advancing faster than we previously believed.’

Private analysts across the globe expressed that the latest missile, Hwasong-15 is much powerful, and looked bigger than Hwasong-14. ‘The rounder nose seen in the pictures released by North Korea showed a similarity between the Russian missile. These rounder-nose missiles usually carry multiple warheads,’ said a defense analyst.

‘The North Korean researchers have bundled the engines of Hwasong-14 to give the Hwasong-15 the true range of ICBM. Its thicker second stage might have also been equipped with more fuel or thrusters to take it to a farther distance,’ said missile expert, Chang Young-Keun at Korea Aerospace University, Seoul.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un might declare the Hwasong-15 to be ‘combat ready’ after carrying out 3 or 4 more tests in the coming few months. He claimed that North Korea is capable of attacking any US city from anywhere in North Korea.

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