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HomelatestAmit Shah is not a Hindu! He is a ‘Jain’

Amit Shah is not a Hindu! He is a ‘Jain’

Amit Shah is not a Hindu! He is a ‘Jain’

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The Gujarat elections are centered around ‘religion’. Rahul Gandhi who is campaigning heavily in Gujarat is often seen at many Hindu temples in the state. The BJP leaders accused that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu and he is using the religion to win in the Gujarat elections. The Somanth Temple incident further strengthened the claim that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu.

The Congress leaders too started making controversial comments on BJP leaders. Congress party leader Raj Babbar stated that ‘BJP’s National President Amit Shah is not a Hindu. He just claims himself to be a Hindu. He is born in a Jain family in Mumbai. He later came and settled in Gujarat.’

The comments and allegations by both the parties met with criticism and backlash. Many political analysts and social activists lashed at BJP and Congress for dragging ‘religion’ into the elections. Many expressed that, ‘There are serious issues like poverty and unemployment in the state (Gujarat) that needs to be addressed. It is really sickening to see the political leaders making communal statements ignoring the necessities of the people in the state.’

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