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HomelatestMumbai graveyard becomes haven for drugs, prostitution and liquor

Mumbai graveyard becomes haven for drugs, prostitution and liquor

Mumbai Graveyard Becomes Haven

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The Navpada Masjid trust members have approached the Mumbai Police in Bandra alleging that a group of squatters is carrying out illegal activates like prostitution, selling drugs and liquor in the graveyard premises.

According to the reports, the Brihanmumbai Corporation Limited (BMC) has carried out a demolition drive after the trustees and local public complained that a portion of Kabrastan (graveyard) was under encroachment by a group of more asquat.Three families are reportedly living in 6 rooms in the encroached area.

Within a few days after the demolition drive was carried out, the squatter again encroached the portion of the graveyard building. They built a small door and window into the graveyard wall that opens up in the adjacent G7 Multiplex. The G7 Multiplex authorities have also filed a complaint in this context.

According to the Trust members, ‘the government has given a small shelter for the caretaker of the graveyard 3 decades ago. The next generation of the caretaker started encroaching the land and are carrying out illegal activities from the premises. We have informed the police multiple times. But no strict action has been taken against them.’

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