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Electric Cars the future in Indian car market? Electric cars are cheaper – Research

Electric Cars The Future In Indian Car Market

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A recent survey by a team of global researchers expressed that electric cars are much cheaper than diesel or petrol cars. The team has analyzed various aspects of the purchase price, taxes, insurance, depreciation, fuel, and maintenance to come out with the results.

‘We were shocked to find that electric cars emerged out as winners. Though the current price of electric cars is on the premium end, it is likely to come down in the next four years. The low cost will be the key factor driving the sale of the electric cars. The people might be able to afford electric cars even without subsidies from the government by 2022,’ said a researcher from the group.

The Indian government is also looking towards the probability of making India free from diesel and petrol cars.

According to the draft policy by the Indian government, ‘The pollution in the major cities can be brought down by 80%-90% if most Indian vehicles are electric by the year 2030. The Indian government can save up to $100 Billion, which is two times the current deficit budget.’

The high prices of electric cars are driven by their battery, which can cost 2/3rd of the total price of the electric vehicle.

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