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HomelatestPolitical Trend : Crossed Swords On Live, Wishes On Social media

Political Trend : Crossed Swords On Live, Wishes On Social media

Political Parties On Social media

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Politics is always an interesting topic despite the era. However, its trends change according to the time. Political analysts are here trying to conclude the newly emerged trend of today’s politicians.All are aware about the ongoing rivalry between BJP and TDP and also TDP and YSRCP. Despite all these, some leaders always try to shock the common people in the nation by their actions. We have seen many rival leaders who sling mud on other often seen sharing lighter moments.

Now, this thing has become legal as being ‘Good’ to rival is the so called new political style. Post the elections of 2014, CBN used to be quite active on the social media networks like Twitter. One day, he stunned everyone by wishing his Opposition leader YS Jagan on his birthday. These two were always seen clashing swords at each other in Assembly. The same thing has got repeated today.On one side, CBN is protesting against the Centre for cheating AP regarding the Status. Also, Modi who used to be in good relationships with CBN is now facing himself off.

He even failed to wish CBN when he had been to the Parliament. Such Modi took his Twitter to wish him a very happy birthday to Chandrababu Naidu. His arch-rival Jagan also reciprocated by wishing CBN a very happy birthday. Jagan who often asks God for giving birth to a politician like CBN wished a long, happy and healthy life to the CM. despite scratching heads, we should know that this is the new trend and has nothing to do with the real lives of these leaders.

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