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Pawan Gives One Day Deadline: Film Chamber To Take Action

Pawan Kalyan Sets A Deadline For Film Chamber

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The Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has shown his power in the curious case of Sri Reddy-RGV. This sensible leader who conducted a quick meet with the Telugu Film Chamber has set a deadline to take action.After waking up the two States of Telugu with his early morning tweets, Pawan Kalyan has shown up at the Film Chamber unexpectedly. His brother Nagababu who already reached and waiting for Pawan received him and he was followed by Stylish Star Bunny. One after the other, all the so called mega heroes reached Film Chamber to witness and participate Pawan’s special meeting.

As all the crucial members of the Film Chamber gathered, Pawan has expressed his complaint against a section of media and on the main culprit RGV. with this news, the hardcore fans of Pawan and ardent followers of Janasena surrounded Film Chamber in support of Pawan and Mega family. All are expected a speech from Pawan to know his approach in this issue but the Telangana Police requested Pawan and all the mega heroes to leave the Chamber in order to suppress law and order problem. Without any news, all heroes including Pawan Kalyan left the place a moment ago.

An industry biggie who participated in the heated discussion revealed that Pawan who is furious on RGV has lodged the complaint and ask the Chamber to take action within 24 hours of time. The same source stated that in case of failed response from Chamber, Pawan himself will protest against the Government until the justice has done to him and his mother. Seems RGV has pushed himself into the deepest pit which he will regret as long as he is alive.

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