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Balayya Slams Modi In TDP’s Dharma Porata Deeksha:

TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna Slams PM Modi

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The Hindupur MLA Balayya made his presence in Chandrababu Naidu’s one day fasting to showcase his protest again the Centre. Extending his support to the CM of AP, Balayya made stunning comments on Modi and his ruling.Titled as Dharma Poorata Deksha, The TDP Chief CBN has given a call to the followers of TDP to organize one day fasting today in all the cities and towns in AP as a sign of protest.

CM with his core committee chose the capital area of Amaravati to slam the BJP and its monopolistic ruling. MLA Balayya who graced this event took enough time to deliver his speech regarding this issue. Talking for the first time in Public regarding AP Special Status, he praised his brother in law CBN to Sky for his extraordinary hard work in bringing Special Status to AP. This Political precedent of legend NTR stated that Opposition despite helping state has dared to take packages in order to win CM Chair.

Hitting potshots on Modi and his governance, Balayya directly warned Modi in Hindi not to take the people of AP for granted. Declaring Modi as the cheater of AP, Balayya suggested Modi to love family first which eventually leads to make him love all the parts of India. Bala Krishna dared to advise Modi not to listen his head Amit Shah’s words as he is completely misleading Modi to the core which will lead to the end of BJP in the country. Last but not least, he demanded BJP all the necessary funds and Special Status or else BJP will see the wrath of AP People with a big protest lead by TDP.

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